Web Development

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Website based on a strategy

Our web development process relies on a well-defined strategy that we collaboratively establish with our clients to establish the foundation for:

  • Creating the website’s look and feel 
  • Intended audience
  • Objectives
  • Brand guidelines
  • Identifying the right keywords to use on your website
  • Website traffic analysis

Website content

We will provide you with an online form to complete with the necessary information. Once we receive the information from you, we will commence the process of creating prototypes for your website, page by page. We will seek your approval at each stage before proceeding to the final website launch upon completion.

Examples of the necessary information

  • Do you have a domain?
  • Do you have a hosting plan?
  • Organization name:
  • Brand colours? 
  • Logo
  • List of the required pages.
  • Content for page 1: …

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